Lifetime Care

MembershipPlanning for Your Cats

Your estate planning should include planning for the future care of your cats. In the event that no one among the surviving members of your family can take care of your cats, Friends of Cats, Inc. can provide a safe, secure and dependable environment for your cat or cats for the balance of their natural lives. Our lifetime care facility provides

• A heated and air-conditioned clean facility
• On-site supervision
• Regular grooming and socialization
• Daily medical supervision
• Vaccinations and medications as required

Our Cozy Cottage is specifically designed to serve the needs of cats whose owners are on longer able to care for them and do not wish to have them adopted. These cats become permanent residents of the shelter through pre-arranged estate planning.

The Cozy Cottage is a well-maintained environment with screened outdoor porches where the cats, under supervision, can enjoy basking in the sun. The lifetime care cats receive lots of love and attention. Medical care is provided routinely and for special needs. No cat is euthanized unless our medical staff and a veterinarian determine that its quality of life has deteriorated to an unacceptable level.

Future Lifetime Care

For cats to entering lifetime care, the relinquishing owner has the option of considering adoption or not. The fee to support lifetime care is $5,000 regardless of the age of the cat.

Provisions may be included in wills or estate planning. No cash outlay is necessary to begin the program; however, proof of a will or trust provision stating that Friends of Cats, Inc. has been named as future care provider for the cat(s) is required. The cat(s) are not admitted to the shelter until the owner’s death or incapacitation.

To implement enrollment in the Lifetime Care program, contact the shelter manager, Janet Bianchini ( ). The program is administered through our Board of Directors